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Innovation Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

True innovation is in the DNA of a company, its culture. Research shows that a company’s culture is the biggest barrier to innovation even with systems and resources dedicated to innovation.  No innovation manager,  team or initiative can truly spark innovation until the culture in the company is conducive to innovation.

 Historically, innovation culture has been considered to be amorphous, and hard-to-measure. Not anymore!

InnoQ is a state of the art diagnostic tool designed to help you assess your company’s innovation culture.


The InnoQ Advantage

How It Works

Its very simple. On signing up you will receive a link to the InnoQ to distribute to your employees. The proprietary InnoQ is brief, usually taking only 5-7 minutes to complete. Once your employees have completed the assessment, we will deliver your scores on each of the 10 dimensions, indexed on the national database.  Whats more, the data will also be split by department, levels of seniority, SBU or any other means you would like. Alongwith the scores, you will receive our recommendations and roadmap for improvement. 

What gets measured, gets managed

InnoQ is the first tool that breaks down and measures innovation culture down along 10 dimensions. By learning how your organization is doing on each of the dimensions, you will be better able to identify focus areas, areas of improvement, and specifically how you can affect change to set up a culture truly conducive to innovation. InnoQ allows you to track and evaluate how your organization has improved and what specific areas, business units, and divisions need your attention. 

Based on years of rigorous research, the InnoQ has been developed after an exhaustive literature review and several rounds of data collection, using analytical sophisticated tools.


We don’t stop at measurement. We provide clear, customized recommendations and action steps that you can initiate to improve your organization’s innovation culture and unleash the full innovative capabilities of your organization. Again, these concrete action steps are based on rigorous research and an understanding of your specific organization, its challenges, and business context. Whether you are a startup or an established Big Co, we can work with you on an ongoing basis to establish and optimize your innovation culture

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